3 Passive Income Streams from a Stupid Idea

This story needed to be told, as it will hopefully motivate and inspire, but at the same time it all came from a very stupid idea, which might be the whole point of the story.

Have you ever heard of Antarctica, the land of the ice? Of course you have. It’s just one of our seven continents. The story started with me wanting to go to Antarctica, as a random goal for my year 2021. We’ll get to why I choose exactly Antarctica, the reason is not very exciting, but what followed this decision is very exciting.

There are people who can say “I want this” and they go after it, those kinds of people are amazing. I’m not one of those people. I need a visualization of events in order to get moving. I need a clear goal.

For the past few years I wondered around not knowing what exactly to do with myself. I have all this skill from digital marketing, to content creation, but no idea what to use it on, and no motivation to even try and find out. So one night I had my VR glasses on and decided to go explore the world on google maps. After visiting the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, and other historic spots, I went all the way to the south pole, and much to my surprise it wasn’t completely empty. There are small settlements, well it’s more research facilities and workers, but nevertheless they have one restaurant on one of the stations, this intrigued me so much I wanted to visit it. So the very next day I pledged to myself that I will go there, but seeing how expensive it is to travel to Argentina and then book a 10 day cruise to the South Pole, I had to create new income streams for myself in order to be able to afford this trip. Here’s where the actual fun started.

Over the course of the next few months I tried everything, from drop-shipping, to drop-servicing, cryptocurrency trading, various YouTube channels and much more. Cryptocurrency has more than anything changed my life for the better. I’m in no way the same person I was before this whole “challenge” started, I even have no more desire to go the South Pole because I have a clear vision for myself now. Although I will definitely visit that restaurant, if only to honor my past self for such a crazy idea.

When you have a mission it’s so easy to work on it 24/7. I had no trouble learning drop-shipping from scratch and starting my own store within two days, if you want you can check out the website I made during that time http://www.thecryptocanvas.com/ . There is free educational content available on YouTube for each of these businesses, you can literally go step by step when creating something, the thing is you need to be very creative in order to have a successful business, it’s not enough to just put in the work.

Right now I’m working on a cryptocurrency related YouTube channel, just passed 10,000 subscribers and it’s actually earning me a solid living. A year ago I barely knew what cryptocurrency was. The point of this article is how important it is to have a vision and clear goal in mind. Even if your goal seems stupid, like mine did, it’s important to have it. Without my crazy Antarctic mission I never would’ve gotten into cryptocurrency, I never would’ve started learning all the new things I learned throughout this year.

In order for the title not to be clickbait, the three businesses I would point toward from my personal experience is:

Drop-shipping — as once you set everything up, you literally don’t do anything anymore, it’s totally pasive.

Drop-servicing — pretty much the same as drop shipping, but rather than shipping products, ship peoples skills. For example, I created a logo-design drop servicing business. So when someone orders a logo from me, it automatically gets redirected to fiver (a website for cheap digital services) where I outsource the logo creation and take my cut from the deal. Also totally passive income once you set everything up.

YouTube content creation — while this one is not totally passive, it still can be. Depends on how you structure it. You can work one day, create 7 videos, then not do anything for a week while the videos get published one by one. That’s how I do it most of the time, so the other days I can focus on other income streams.

Hey, you never know what’s going to happen in the future, it’s very uncertain. Having a clear goal makes life just so much easier. It’s also a great conversation ice breaker — “What are you up to?” — “Just thinking about how to get to Antarctica…”

Thank you for reading!




#InWordsWeTrust - Talking mindfulness, philosophy but also marketing & business. Trying to up my writing game by staying dedicated!⚡

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Tony Tctn⚡️

Tony Tctn⚡️

#InWordsWeTrust - Talking mindfulness, philosophy but also marketing & business. Trying to up my writing game by staying dedicated!⚡

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